About Us

I have been in the lawn and garden industry my whole life.  While growing up my father had a business selling and servicing lawn mowers and tractors.  I worked for a local landscape company while in school.  Went to college for a business degree, and later moved back home help with the family business.

The business departments consists of sales, service, and parts.  I started in the service department.  At first we would have to fabricate parts because they were not available.  As time went on the industry took off, and more and more parts and accessories came available.  We started installing bagging systems, blades, stripping kits, light, etc..  I notice that a lot of people were installing lights on their tractors and mowers. The problem was mounting the light, running the wiring, and finding a place for the switch.  I could not find a bracket I liked that was easy to install.  That is when I decide to start Tractor Bracket.  We started with roll bar brackets that fit the roll bars in our industry, and later added a light that had a switch built in with a cord long enough to reach your power supply. 

The company is young, but we have over 40 years of experience in this field.  More products are in the works.